From FragMENTAL digs – Never Trust The Obvious

How and where did this one come from? Never ceases to amaze me when with no preconceived idea, plan…. nothing, just allow the eye and hand do it’s stuff and this is what appeared.

As for the title… have to fess-up…. no idea.  WEIRD… question I was asked many years ago by  a student,”Where do ideas come  from”?

“Never Trust The Obvious”

Method use to complete this digital artwork same as previous ones…. fragments of cut/torn older paintings and paper works, some drawing, scanned then finishing using software ACDSee a very basic simply photo editor tool.

This ended being my darkest piece in this format, then the music certainly played a part of the creative process, bleak YIKES!!…  Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows. 


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